We offer a vast gamut of services with extensive in-house technologies to meet the needs of Sheet Metal Fabrication for our clients.

Sheet Metal Bending

We have Two CNC Press Brakes, we deliver products which are reliable, high on productivity and predictable lead times. Our Machine Capacity is as follows:

  • 1. Maximum bending length: 3000 mm
  • 2. Machine Tonnage: Upto 250 Tons
  • 3. Mild Steel bending upto 10 mm Thick
  • 4. Stainless Steel bending upto 5 mm Thick


Press Shop

We at Fabricators India have a range of Presses from 50 ton to 1000 ton Deep Draw Presses. We can manufacture components as per drawings for small batches and high volume production, both. Our combination of presses and multiple bending machines ensure we can manufacture a variety of components to meet the needs of our clients.

Vishalakshi Construction