Late anad lal Das ji started working as welder in 1995. In 1970 after gaining experience of five years he joined a company name Machine tools that was pipe manufacturing company, The company was based in kurji patna.

In 1975 he joined Gupta pipe as a forman , he introduce the labour and made them program work related to steel structure till 1991. Later he became popular steel structure fabricator in Patna.

Later the shade work was done in Ambuja casting company patna.


Work experience of Late Anand Lal Das as contractor with different firms like.

  • Gupta Pipe
  • Amuja Casting
  • Rajasthan cold Rolling Meel (Shyam Gupta in 1992)
  • Comper Con cast (Bihta) and many more
  • Pinex steel kurji

 Suresh Kumar Das, Decendent of Late Anand Lal Das continued the legacy provided by Anand Lal Das. He started working with his father from 1981 and worked in the factory till 1985. He also gained experience of this sector by providing services in different firms such as

  • Pinex Steel
  • Balmukund Concast
  • Gupta pipe
  • Machine Tools
  • Pinex steel shade work
  • The best Tower (mobile tower fabricator)
  • Harsh Rice mill (Giddha)
  • OM Corograte
  • Siwan minral water plant
  • Allaha pur Rice mill siwan
  • Dana factory plant siwan
  • Yamaha bike showroom siwan
  • Electricity board godown in hajipur,Darbhanga,samastipur,Bhagalpur,Jahanabad,
  • Flyass Bricks FFactory (kharakpur Bangal)
  • Sri krishna rice mill bihtha
  • Flyass bricks (Naubatpur)


In 1993 he founded a company name S.K FABRICATION. The company was also performing fabrication work.



Now, it’s the turn of VISHALAKSHI CONSTRUCTIONS to forward the legacy ahead . Vishalakshi Construction is founded by Raj Himanshu who is the decendent of Suresh Kumar Das. Vishalakshi Construction will performe their all activities under the guidance and the policies of S.K FABRICATION. So as the gain the benefit and experience of s.k fabrication, vishalakshi construction will run as a part of s.k fabrication. Vishalakshi construction have also many new clients like bikajij (DSPL) Near Daniawan patna


Vishalakshi Construction